Special Issue – August 2015: Endowed Professorships


Throughout the University's 2015 fiscal year, endowed professorship support helped advance work in data science, economics, and many areas across the Medical Center, including neurological disease. Commitments from alumni, parents, friends, and faculty and staff have also enabled us to build on a standard of faculty excellence. Endowed professorships give us resources to retain the outstanding scholars and health care providers currently teaching and mentoring our students, and they will allow us to successfully compete for new world-class faculty members in perpetuity.

Our community’s dedication to our faculty is why we have already reached our faculty support goal ($350 million) for The Meliora Challenge and our aspiration to establish a minimum of 80 new endowed professorships. We now have a total of 94 toward our new target of 100 before the Campaign ends on June 30, 2016.

Past issues of Fast Forward covered the creation or celebration of many endowed professorships during fiscal year 2015. You can read about them by following the links below.

You can also find more information on endowed professorships and how they are created in the Endowed Professorships Brochure.   

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